Q01. Where can I find information about the lubrication and maintenance of MISUMI linear bushings.

Please refer to the article "Linear Bushings - Caution on selection and usage & Various greases".


Q02. How to re-lubricate linear ball bearings that do not have grease nipples?

Linear ball bearings that do not have grease nipples are usually re-lubricated via the shaft. For this purpose, the grease is applied to the shaft and brought into the bearing by the movement of the bearing on the shaft.

Q03. Are all MISUMI Linear Bushings RoHS compliant? 

Yes, all Misumi Linear Bushings are RoHS compliant. 

Q04. Can MISUMI Linear Bushings be used in combination with shafts from other manufacturers? 

Some customers use our linear bushings with shafts from other manufacturers, however, we recommend using MISUMI shafts. MISUMI shafts are produced with very high precision, dimension tolerance, surface roughness and hardness to match Misumi linear bushings where shafts characteristics from other manufacturers are unknown. Therefore, we recommend using Misumi shafts and bushing together.

Q05. Which has better anti-rusting effect, SUS440C or Electroless nickel plating? 

Electroless nickel plating has better anti-rust effect. (Tested by using salt water) 

For more information please see the article "General Information: Antirust Performance".


Q06. What will ware off faster, shafts or linear bushings? 

Generally speaking, linear bushings ware off faster. This is because linear bushings balls are in contact at all time, but shaft surface is not.