Q01. Where can I find spare parts for conveyors?

You can find a conveyor spare part list on the MISUMI US website via the following link.



Q02. Why are there abnormal noises and/or vibrations when the conveyor is running?

1. Drive belt may be excessively loose or tight.
2. The belt may be worn. Please replace the belt if the backside is worn.
3. The pulley or idler may be damaged, or some foreign substance may be present.

Q03. Why won't the conveyor move?

1. Please check that power supply (outlet, or control panel) is ON.
2. Possible overload. Please confirm that you have not exceeded the carrying capacity. 

Q04. Can the conveyor belt direction be reversed?

Belt direction reversal is not recommended because the conveyors are not designed to operate in reverse mode. 

Q05. Is it possible to purchase only the conveyor components (such as an aluminum frame)?

Components such as aluminum frames and belts can be ordered separate.

Q06. I would like to perform some conveyor maintenance work. Can I purchase components such as Flat Belts and Timing Belts?

They can be ordered on the Spare Parts search pages. Please utilize for your convenience.

Q07. The transport capacity has become insufficient after changing to different workpieces conveyed. Can this be solved?

Motor or gearhead replacement may work.
Motor replacement may require modifying the motor mounting plate, as different motors may not have the same mounting dimensions. We recommend replacing the gearhead.

However, please note that the belt speed will be reduced by replacing the gearhead to increase the load carrying capacity.

Q08. Is it possible to intermittently operate by power ON/OFF?

The motors equipped are for continuous operation. Continued short interval ON/OFF operation is not recommended.
However, it is OK to operate intermittently, as long as the intervals between operation are at least 60 sec.

Q09. Can you explain how to read the Conveying Capacity graph? 

First, determine the weight of the load to be conveyed. Then find the point where the conveyed weight and the belt speed lines cross, and verify that the motor power/capacity is sufficient.

Q10. Is it possible to purchase conveyors without belts? What would be the applicable part number to order?

Please apply a "J" for the belt type specification section. However, this is not applicable to Stainless Steel Belt conveyors, Timing Belt conveyors, and Plastic Chain conveyors. Please check each product page for more details.

Q11. Are pulleys and gearheads included with Beltless/Driveless Conveyors?

They are included.

Q12. Is it possible to use nuts and brackets for MISUMI Aluminum Extrusions HFS on conveyors?

Some parts can be used. Please see the product pages for detailed dimensions.

Q13. Is it possible to order the same MISUMI-Europe conveyors and components overseas?

With just a few exceptions, the majority of products are available in most countries. Please contact us for details

Q14. How oil resistant are the conveyors including the motors?

The motors are not liquid proof. They cannot be used where water, oil, alcohol, etc. may come in direct contact.

Q15. Can drive sections of Center Drive Conveyors be moved?

The position of the drive unit can be changed on the Center Drive Conveyors within the pulley holders.
Customers can move them, but they can also be ordered with the specified position pre-configured by specifying "MP" for the alteration. 

Q16. What is the "Counterbore hole for nut insertion" shown on conveyor drawings?

These are used to insert nuts for mounting guides. M6 size slot is for M6 nut or smaller and M3 size slot is for M3 nut or smaller.

Q17. Speed controllers are not shown on the CAD drawings of the conveyors, are they included with the conveyor?

Speed controllers are included with conveyors. Speed controllers are not shown on the drawings since the position is not fixed relative to the conveyor.

Q18. Can motor mounting directions of CVSTC and CVSTR Narrow Type conveyors be changed?

No, the motor mounting direction cannot be changed.

Q19. How often do the conveyors need maintenance?

Maintenance frequency depends on your environment and usage conditions. As a general guideline, belts will need to be replaced when cracks and scrapes are evident.

Q20. Is there a conveyor that is clean room compatible?

There is no conveyor with certified cleanroom class.

Q21. SV series conveyors come with pre-inserted nuts; how many are included with each SV conveyor?

The number of inserted nuts vary depending on the distance between pulleys (conveyor length, L).

· L300 ~ 500 = 4 nuts
· L505 ~ 1000 = 8 nuts
· L1005 ~ 2000 = 12 nuts
· L2005 ~ 3000 = 16 nuts

Q22. Are manuals included with the conveyors?

Instruction manual, warning seal, motor manuals (Panasonic, Oriental only) are included.

Q23. Is it possible to change the connecting rods of Timing Belt conveyors (2-Track conveyors)?

Yes, it is possible.

Q24. Are the conveyors China CCC standards compliant?

Conveyors are not CCC standards compliant.

Q25. Are the left and right belts of the 2-Track Conveyors synchronized in both speed and position?

Yes, they are synchornized with each other since they are driven by a common shaft.

Q26. Are there limitations on motor mounting sizes for conveyors ordered without motor/gearhead? What are the motor mounting requirement conditions?

If output is the same, the motor mounting pitch does not change and can be mounted. However, motor dimensions other than the mounting pitch may vary depending on manufacturers. Please check for the differences between the motors used by MISUMI and others.
In particular, gearhead output shaft lengths may vary. Use spacers for mounting in such cases.

Q27. Are the conveyors UL certified?

The conveyors as a whole are not UL certified, however components may be individually UL compliant.

Q28. When Beltless/Driveless Conveyors are ordered, are motor covers included?

Yes, they are included.

Q29. Nut insertion counterbored holes are not provided on short conveyor units. How can I insert nuts to use on these units?

Please use the nuts pre-inserted at the time of shipment. Additional nuts can be inserted by removing the pulley holder.

Q30. Counterbored holes for nut insertion are not provided on SV Series. Can nuts be inserted?

Please use the nuts pre-inserted at the time of shipment. Also, counterbore alteration can be ordered by specifying FYA/FYB.

Q31. Does MISUMI offer Troughed Belt Conveyors? If not, are there equivalent replacements?

No, troughed belt conveyors are not available. through MISUMI.

Q32. Are drawings of the conveyors without motor/gearhead available?

Assembly procedure manuals are included at the time of shipment.

Q33. Is right/left reversed version of Narrow Type conveyors available?

It is not available.

Q34. Some downloaded CAD drawing files have "~ _hr" and "~ _wr". What are they? 

Downloaded CAD data are for drawings with Alterations (Knife Edge Roller).

Q35. What are the conveyor drive pulley types?

The conveyor pulley types can searched by conveyor part number on Search Spare Parts Page

Q36. How do I change the conveyor speed when the workpiece comes to a certain location?

One common method is to use a sensor to detect the workpiece position and a speed controller or inverter to change the speed.

Q37. What is the heat resistant temperature of conveyors?

40 degrees C (motor operating temperature upper limit). Please refrain from using at higher temperatures.

Q38. Are there any protusions on the bottom of motor covers on End Drive conveyors?

Button bolt heads protrude from the bottom of motor covers on the models shown below.
CVSA, CVSB, CVSTA, CVSTB: 1.65mm, CVSPA: 2.2mm
End Drive conveyors do not have any protrusions on the bottom side of motor covers.

Q39. Is there a polarity on capacitors? If so, are they color-coded?

Since AC current applies to the capacitors, they have no polarity. Therefore, they are not color marked.

Q40. We intend on exporting to China, is it possible to provide the certified high-efficiency standards for the conveyor motors?

Motors used on MISUMI conveyors are below 90W and the high-efficiency standards are not applicable.

Q41. We had previously experienced belts curling up on the sides with crowned types pulleys. Will this happen with MISUMI products?

Due to the nature of belt construction, excessive tension applied to belts tend to make the sides of the belts curl up, regardless of the manufacturer.

Q42. What does it mean by "Rotation direction is same as the motor for 25:1 or less reduction ratio, opposite direction from the motor shaft for reduction ratio 30 or more" stated on the catalog?

Depending on the reduction ratio, gearhead output shaft rotation direction may be opposite of the motor shaft rotation direction. This shouldn't cause any issues, however if there are problems due to reversed direction operation, re-wire the motor, switching CW and CCW directions, in order to change the belt direction.