Q01. Do all linear guides in blocks / ball runners have a ball cage?

Yes, all ball runners for MISUMI linear guides are equipped with a ball cage (wire). Linear guides of other brands, such as THK, whose part numbers start with SHS, SSR, SRS or SHW, are all equipped with ball cages. Additional information can be found on the respective product page.

Q02. Can blocks/ball runners be added or modified?

Yes, some of the available blocks can be added or replaced. These are also referred to as replaceable linear guides. However, you should take special care when replacing the ball runner as wear can also occur on the guide, thus impairing precision. All other types of linear guides are only available in sets. Only the originally purchased set is guaranteed to deliver precise results. We recommend using set products whenever possible as you will benefit from optimum performance when it comes to precision and permissible load.

Q03. Which linear guides from other brands does MISUMI offer?

MISUMI’s product range includes linear guides from THK, Bosch Rexroth and many other brands.

Q04. Is it difficult to calculate the lifespan of a linear guide?

No – on the contrary: the lifespan of a linear guide can be calculated using operational parameters such as load and speed. You can find more information on this in our catalogue under:

› Basic Specifications of Linear Guides (PDF)
› Calculating the Lifespan of Linear Guides (PDF)

Q05. Can the linear guide be cut to the desired length?

Of course. MISUMI linear guides can be configured in 1 mm increments.

Q06. Can the clamps applied for transport also be used as stoppers for a ball runner?

No. The clamps merely serve to prevent the blocks from falling during shipment or storage. They may not be used as stoppers. If you need stoppers for your linear guides, you will find many different varieties in MISUMI’s product portfolio, for example, stopper bolts, stopper plates and linear stoppers. An overview of available stoppers and accessories is available here.

MISUMI stopper bolts for linear guides

Q07. Can linear guides also be mounted on walls?

Yes. Most of our linear guides have the same load-bearing capacity regardless of their installation position. This is primarily due to the linear arrangement of the balls, which can handle the same load regardless of the direction of action. If you do not use the linear guides in a horizontal installation position, please check the load torques in advance or contact our technical service.

Q08. Are MISUMI linear guides available with more than two carriages?

Yes, most of the MISUMI linear guides can be configured with three or four carriages.

To do so please select the alteration B3 or B4.

For more information please see the corresponding data sheet.

Q09. Where can I find the "End of Sale Notification for MISUMI’s Carbon Steel Miniature Linear Guides" with information regarding alternative products?

You can find the information via the following link.


Q10. Where can I find information about the lubrication and maintenance of MISUMI linear guides.

Please refer to the article "Linear Guides - Installation and Maintenance".


Q11. How to re-lubricate linear guides that do not have grease nipples? 

Linear guides that do not have grease nipples are usually re-lubricated via the rail. For this purpose, the grease is applied to the rail and brought into the carriages by the movement of the carriages on the rail.

Q12. How do products with "SS" at the beginning of the part number differ from products with only one "S" at the beginning of the part number? 

The material is different. Furthermore, the part numbers with one "S" will be discontinued soon.

For more information please see the "End of Sale Notification for MISUMI’s Carbon Steel Miniature Linear Guides" via the following link.


Q13. Why do I get the error message "The selected length is not available for this product type.
Please choose the product type "Length L = selectable" instead (see the table below)."

although the length is available according to the data sheet?

MISUMI linear guides are available in the types "L Dimension = Selectable" and "L Dimension = Configurable".

The type "L Dimension = Selectable" is the cheaper standard product. Therefore we want you to order this type whenever it is available for your required length.

You get the above error message if you configure a "L Dimension = Configurable" product with a length which is available for the "L Dimension = Selectable" type.

In this case you have to change the product code to "L Dimension = Selectable" type.


The product SSELBW9 with a length of 110 is available as a "L Dimension = Selectable" type. The part number is SSELBW9-110.

If you choose SSELBWL9-110 instead ("L Dimension = Configurable" type) you will get the above error message.

Therefore please use the part number SSELBW9-110.