Q01. What is Rack and Pinion?

It is a feed type that combines rail called rack gear and gear wheel called pinion.
Misumi rack and pinion dovetail stages have 17-20mm travel per rotation.

Q02. What is Feed Screw?

It is a feed type that uses correlation of male and female threads.
Misumi feed screw of dovetail stages applies to stages with a Fine Feed af 0.5mm travel per rotation.
Also, a triple-threaded feed screw at 4.2mm travel per rotation is available.
In vertical application Feed Screw feed types excel in positioning performance over Rack and Pinion feed types.

Q03. Can precision stage be used upside down (Overhung mount)?

We cannot guarantee stage performance if mounted upside-down, although it is possible to some extent to use stage in this orientation.
Its operation/movement tends to be less smooth, since dovetail structure uses different slide-support surfaces in that case.