Q01. What is Rack and Pinion feed type?

It is a feed type that combines rail called rack gear and gear wheel called pinion. MISUMI rack and pinion dovetail stages have 17-20mm travel per rotation, which is fastest feed type Misumi offers.

Q02. What is Push Screw feed type?

It is a feed type that uses properties of adjustment screws.
Stages move by being pushed by screws and pushed back by springs. It reduces backlash, however, allowable load tends to be smaller because of the spring reaction force.

Q03. What is Feed Screw feed type?

It is a feed type that uses correlation between male and female threads.
MISUMI feed screw stages are stages with a Fine Feed of 0.5-0.7mm travel per rotation. Allowable load is bigger than with Push Screw Type stages, so is the backlash.

Q04. Do Simplified Stages have clamps?

Yes, they do. Please note that CL alteration is added to Push Screw Type Stages (XKNG・・XYKNG), clamp bolts will be attached on opposite side of the Push Screw.

Q05. What mechanism is used for stage clamping?

Two mechanisms are used.
・ Use a push screw and a clamp bolt to clamp the stage from both sides. (This mechanism is used for Push Screw Type Stages.)
・ Press a thread shaft with set bolts and clamp. (This mechanism is used for Feed Screw Type Stages.)
For more details, please see stage schematics.